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How to start earning as a 3D artist

Starting with 3D modeling and design for free is a great idea, and there are several free tools available that you can use to get started.

Blender is a powerful and open-source 3D creation suite. It's suitable for a wide range of tasks, including 3D modeling, animation, rendering, sculpting, and more. You can download it from the official website:

Blender has a comprehensive documentation section on its website, as well as a community forum where you can ask questions which is a great way how to start for free. YouTube is your friend, I do recommend also CGcookie if you get lost on YouTube. Forums like Blender Artists or subreddits like r/blender are great places to ask questions, share your work, and learn from others.

The key to mastering 3D modeling is consistent practice. Create simple objects,

experiment with tools, and gradually increase the complexity of your projects

Play around - create something you like - try to use available tools which are not destructible to your art (mirror, array, subdivision, bevel etc.) My first creation in Blender was this panda :)

To enhance your projects, explore websites that offer free 3D models, textures, and other assets. Some websites provide royalty-free assets for personal and commercial use.

Here are some of our free models: 3Dshaker free models get headstart with realistic free models. Later you can try paid ones and support our work. What might be very helpful - try to understand fundamental concepts such as mesh topology, UV mapping, lighting, and rendering. These concepts are essential for creating realistic and efficient 3D models.


As you gain more confidence, build a portfolio showcasing your best work. A portfolio is essential if you're considering a career in 3D modeling or animation.

Remember, the journey to becoming proficient in 3D modeling takes time and practice. Enjoy the learning process and don't be afraid to experiment with your creativity.

Earning part

Try to become a problem solver - offer your work as a solution. With a portfolio, you can gain affiliate links or paid works more easily. Document your journey and help others.

Invest time into improving soft skills. Create a lot!

Jana - 3DShaker team

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