We in a 3D Shaker believe in the power of team work. Nobody can change the world alone, so we work together and with your help, we can continue in our mision - building the best library of 3D assets for Blender.

Cookapoo Dog





Janka is the heart of our 3D Shaker team, she manage everything and take care so things are running properly and smoothly. She always enjoys your renders with our models and loves to share them on social media. When you ask for help via Blender market, Janka is always look forward to help you.

If Janka is heart so Marek is hands of our company, without him we would never be able to provide so many models in such premium quality as we did. He is very stubborn, detail oriented and despite his great understanding for Cycles materials, Marek is always ready to improve and learn something new.

Ján is with 3D Shaker from the beginning, together with Janka he was naive enough to think that such a project can be successful in the Blender environment and pushed it when it seemed unlikely.  Now Ján is working primarily on collections and scenes, utilizing his experiences as a 3D artist working in the field of architecture.

Our youngest and the hairiest member of our team is our dog. He takes care of our physical as well as psychological well being.

" We are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other. "